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Birding at Stone Head

Since September of 2009, a group of birders, now called the Zimmerman Wetlanders, have conducted monthly surveys at the Stone Head Nature Preserve. In 2017, the Wetlanders were joined by another group, the Stone Head Highlanders. The Wetlanders perform monthly bird surveys in the wetlands and fields of the Preserve, while the Highlanders cover the wooded portion of the Preserve. Over the course of the 9+ years of surveys, they have documented 171 species of birds on the property. Some of these birds spend the entire year at Stone Head, while others are here only in the summer, some only in the winter, and still more are found only during the spring and fall migration seasons.

Some species will be found only the wetland portion of the property while others can be found in the meadows, and still more in the forested areas of the Preserve. Indeed, it is this diversity of habitat found at the Stone Head Nature Preserve that leads to the diversity of bird life on the property.

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SHNP 2018 Bird Checklist v.3.7

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