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Join the Stone Head Conservancy

Stone Head Conservancy is a 501(c)3 public charity organization that is responsible for the management of the Stone Head Nature Preserve. As a member of the Conservancy, you can attend any of our public outings and events for FREE! In addition to that, you can sign up for any of our classes or workshops at a discounted rate of 50%. Your membership also entitles you to a vote on new Officers, Directors, and Advisors at our annual membership meeting in September. Finally, you will know that your annual membership dollars will be spent on the management, maintenance, and improvement of the Stone Head Nature Preserve and no where else!

There are five types of memberships in the Stone Head Conservancy, all of which come with the same benefits and discounts:

Individual – $25.00/year 

Household – covers everyone living in a single-family residence – $40.00/year 

Organization – limited to 501(c)3 organizations – $75.00/year 

Business/Corporation – $100.00/year 

Educational – accredited entities of all levels – free of charge with the approval of the Stone Head Conservancy Board of Directors

Don’t trust the Internet? We can’t say that we blame you. Click here to download and print a mail-in SHC Membership Form (PDF format). It’s easy! Simply print the form, add your form of payment, and mail it to:

Stone Head Conservancy          PO Box 244          Nashville, IN  47448 

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of leaving our world a little better.